It takes a special breed with lots of knowledge and skills to satisfy homeowners 100% of the time with quality window cleaning. Over the past 20 years, we at Budget Window Cleaning have attempted to hire window cleaners that learned their craft washing commercial buildings windows. We don’t hire them anymore. They would usually get the pane of glass clean but never consider the edges or the framework of the window or the sill or how to interact politely with homeowners. We would try to teach them but it’s hard to teach an old dog new tricks, and wound up letting them go. On the same hand, we tried to do commercial building work with our highly trained residential window cleaners. This did not work out to good because our workers are all trained to do a perfect job every time, and we take our time. Taking your time is unprofitable to be competitive with commercial cleaners so we decided early on that Budget Window Cleaning is going to specialize in working for the homeowners only. Contact us to have your home windows cleaned. Our prices are low and competitive!

We made this video to teach new window cleaning trainees the correct way to do the job. Mike doesn’t just wash the pane of glass. He scrubs the top glass which has insect and bird residue then scrapes with a razor then scrubs the pane again then cleans with the squeege. The lower panes don’t require scraping because the screens prevented insects and birds from touching the glass. You will notice Mike wiping the edges and frame also for a perfect job. We wash exterior or interior windows using techniques perfected by satisfying homeowners over two decades in the business. We use Ettore and Unger window cleaning products and the best non-toxic cleaning solution on the market to achieve a perfect sparkling window including edges, window frames and sills. It takes conscientious workers to achieve this level of performance for the individual satisfied customers. Our window cleaners take pride in their work. It’s much more fun for them to be trained to do a spectacular job than to do a half fast job!

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