Surface Cleaning

Budget Window Cleaning uses different sized pressure washers with different size pumps and nozzles to achieve the best possible outcome for each type of individual pressure washing we perform. Enjoy these short videos but keep the volume low!

Our workers are all trained to use our equipment for maximum efficiency and cleanest outcome for the type of surface they are cleaning. For best results we use a combination of soft house washing and/or pressure washing.

Home siding cleaning requires a special touch and knowledge to be sure there is no damage in the cleaning process. An example of this is on a vinyl siding where there is a wood window frame. We use a very high pressure to clean the siding and not hit the wood. On the wood frame we either stand back to use light pressure or change nozzles to reduce pressure. We make sure we work in one direction taking into account the overlapping siding so the water doesn’t get behind the siding and damage the home. We make sure we don’t shoot water into any vents, especially underneath the soffits.

Surface cleaning is used for driveways, walkways, patios decks or any dirty surface on the ground. Our surface cleaning machines are similar to using a wand for pressure washing but by using our machines there are no ugly zig zag lines left on the surface. An even pressure is distributed over the 18 inch wide pressure washing machine.

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