Siding and Exterior

We are now using a low pressure house washing system for some of our exterior cleaning jobs as well as pressure washing. Our technician determines which is best for each individual area. Home siding cleaning requires a special touch and lots of experience to make sure there is no damage in the cleaning process. An example of this is on a vinyl siding where there is a wood window frame. We use a very high pressure to clean the siding and not hit the wood. On the wood frame we either stand back to use light pressure or change nozzles to reduce pressure. We make sure we work in one direction so the water doesn’t get behind the siding and damage the home. We make sure we don’t shoot water into any vents, especially underneath the soffits. Watch the short videos and then contact us for your home. Our prices are low and competitive! You may want to turn the volume down to watch the videos.

The upper siding has been washed. Ben is washing the middle area and Chris the lower area. You will notice from this video how they take their time hitting each piece of siding using a horizontal motion.

Mike is teaching Josh how to pressure wash siding without hurting plants and flowers. Josh had a hard time learning to “overlap” his strokes and not miss any areas, but he finally learned and is an excellent pressure washer now. This video shows how nice the siding looks when we are done. The north side of homes are invaded by algae in Northeast Ohio every year because that side gets the least sunlight. Contact us to clean your siding! Our prices are very competitive! And we get you an estimate very, very fast!

Pressure washing is priced from $157 and up.