We remove all leaves and debris from your gutters by hand and ream all downspouts at the elbows making sure the complete system is open and free-flowing. We bag and remove all leaves and debris from your home. You don’t have to be home when we do the work. We leave a bill at your door. You can mail a check or call the office with credit or debit. Our system is “Hassle Free” for you the home owner. Contact us now for a free quote!

If you have gutter guard or screens over the gutters then our normal service includes cleaning the tops and reaming the downspouts at the elbows if possible. If you want them removed and rehung we need to quote. Additional charge if you have a 3rd story, a basement walkout or roof cleaning.

When Should I have my gutters cleaned?
Every winter late falling leaves, twigs and other debris lands on your roof from the winter winds and then settles in your gutters. After the spring thaw, is the first gutter and downspout cleaning.

In the spring acorns, whirlybirds, seeds, used up bird’s nests etc. clog the gutters and downspouts. This is the point where plant life can sprout and start growing trees and plants on top of your downspouts. This spring dropping is usually over by June 10. This cleaning is probably the most important. Even more so than the Autumn leaf dropping.

November 7 is the date when 95% of the leaves have fallen in Northeast Ohio (Except in 2013 and 2014 which was November 15. Some customers ask us to wait until all the leaves have fallen from the trees. This date never happens. Many juvenile Oak trees don’t want to go to sleep for the winter and hang on to their leaves and drop them slowly over the winter.

So that’s the secret!

(1)-After the spring thaw
(2)- After June 10th
(3)- After November ?

If your gutters are dirty, now is the time to contact us and we will clean them.

Contact us at for gutter cleaning service! Ana and Mike Kennedy.