Gutter Cleaning Schedule Update for Our Customers


Autumn travels East to West in Northeast Ohio. Many of the leaves fell by early November in the areas southeast of Cleveland. The leaf drop starts first in towns like Chagrin Falls, Solon and Twinsburg then later through Strongsville and Berea and then to the west and north in towns near Westlake and Avon out through Lorain County. We started cleaning and reaming there. Then on November 14 the snow fell and we had to stop all work for 9 days until the thaw. We are at it again with 6 crews today. We will eventually have everyone satisfied. The climate change has had a major impact on when mother nature allows us to work.

Some homeowners have asked us to clean their gutters and downspouts when “All the leaves” have fallen. Some trees hold onto their leaves all winter so this never happens. They are on the back of the list but will also get done.

Throughout the winter as the temperatures rise above freezing we will keep working for any new customers also. The ice in the gutters is hidden from direct sunlight so when the temperatures rise it takes a longer time for the ice to melt and allow us to clean. So when it feels warm out it doesn’t necessarily mean your gutters can be cleaned.We will accommodate everyone, please be patient.


Mike Kennedy

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