Don’t use Strainer Baskets to cover downspouts!

20110918_actionshot1Many of my customers here at Budget Window and Gutter Cleaning company ask me about placing strainers over the downspouts. They see them sold in stores and assume they help keep their gutters flowing. Just because someone is selling a product doesn’t mean it is worthwhile. They actually stop the gutter system from working and do the opposite.

The first time leaves are swept to the downspout, the strainer catches them and holds them, blocking water from draining into the downspout. Water and debris accumulate in your gutters. Downspouts have large openings to accommodate leaves and nuts etc. for entry into the draining system and be washed away. Any debris which makes it past the downspout elbow flows to the storm sewer or drainage area as desired. The bottom of the drain opens out wider for this to work.

Basket strainers prevent your gutter system from working properly. Have your gutters cleaned regularly, 2 or 3 times a year in Northeast Ohio and don’t worry about them anymore. We include strainer removal for new customers at no extra¬†cost along with our regular inexpensive gutter and downspout cleaning service.

I hope this helps!

Thanks! Mike Kennedy


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