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Great price, great scheduling flexibility. Would recommend.

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roof cleaning

Ask us about Roof Cleaning!


We give discounts to homeowners who order three or more services! Our goal is to be a hassle free company for you the homeowner! Just contact us and we will give you our price and you say WOW, OK and we do the work.
You do not have to be home when we do exterior work!
We will leave a bill at your door when the work is completed. Either mail us a check or call the office for a debit or credit transaction!

Gutter Cleaning
Gutter Cleaning

Our Gutter Cleaning prices are the best starting at $59. See our complete price list on the gutter cleaning page.
We remove all leaves and debris from the gutters by hand and ream all downspouts at the elbows, making sure the complete system is open and free-flowing. All downspout clogs occur at the elbows. When we find a clog  we open the elbow up, clean it out, then rehang it. We bag and remove all leaves and debris from your home taking it away in our trucks for recycling at the “Rock Pile” in Avon, and we try not to ever leave a mess.

Window Cleaning
Window Cleaning (interior and exterior)

Our professional residential window cleaners are all trained to do a perfect job for you the first time using the latest window cleaning solution and tools available. You don’t have to be home for exterior window cleaning as long as the screens are out or we can take them out from the outside.

Home Exterior Cleaning
Home Exterior Cleaning

This photo shows Josh being trained to pressure wash siding in a safe way without harming any flowers or plants. We always use techniques which are safest to your siding, always going in the correct direction to not pull up any siding and never washing vents or wood surfaces with full pressure. We use step ladders to get up close and personal with your siding to do the best job possible rather than standing on the ground, shooting up, as many cleaners do.

Surface Cleaning
Surface Cleaning

This photo shows Patrick using a surface cleaner on a tennis court. We use these same machines for your patio, sidewalk, driveway. walkways. porches and deck where it is appropriate. Deck and concrete sealing is also available!